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Oswald von Wolkenstein (1376-1445)
Lieder / Songs

CD (total time 70:50)

Recorded January 1993 in the church of St. Pantaleon, Köln (Empore des Westwerks)

Released 1993 by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi / BMG Classics (05472773022) in co-production with WDR Köln

Booklet 65 pp.


The Tirolian poet, nobleman, adventurer, singer and poet Oswald von Wolkenstein has left an astonishing number of songs to posterity, written under his supervision in luxurious manuscripts of the 15th century. Many of his shorter songs (especially the polyphonic ones) are well-known in performance today, but here Sequentia ventures into the aspect of Oswald’s art which has been most neglected: the long, monophonic storytelling songs. Barbara Thornton and Benjamin Bagby (harp and voice) are joined by fiddlers Elizabeth Gaver and Rainer Ullreich.