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Vox Iberica II: Codex Las Huelgas

Music from the Royal Convent Las Huelgas de Burgos (13th -14th centuries)

CD (total time 75:10)

Recorded May 1989 in the church of St. Germanus, Seewen (CH)

Released 1992 by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi / BMG Classics (05472772382), in co-production with WDR Köln

Booklet 41 pp.


In this second volume of Sequentia’s 3-part series Vox Iberica, the ensemble’s women’s and men’s vocal ensembles – 13 singers – join forces to present many of the riches of Spain’s most important musical manuscript from a monastic environment (where both women and men sang): the Codex Las Huelgas from Burgos. This source contains all manner of liturgical and paraliturgical song, sung in Latin, from a variety of French and also Spanish origins, including conductus, motet, prosa, organum, planctus (death laments for Spanish kings, and even one for an abbess of Burgos), in one, two and also three voices.