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Philippe le Chancelier (ca. 1165-1236)
Conductus, Lai, Sequence, Rondellus / ‘School of Notre Dame’

CD (total time 63:27)

Recorded October 1986 in the St. Amandus-Kirche in Köln-Rheinkassel (D)

Released 1990 by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi / BMG Classics (RD77035), in co-production with WDR Köln

Booklet 43 pp.


Sequentia has long been fascinated with the work of Philippe le Chancelier, one of the most powerful figures of the Parisian Schools and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a universal genius, poet, administrator, politician and activist. Although the idea of a ‘School of Notre Dame’ is just a modern fiction, we can certainly attest to a lively musical and poetical world flourishing on the Île de la Cité, and Philippe was among the most important creative figures in that scene. Sung in Latin, his conductus (for one, two and three voices) ring out again after the centuries. Thornton, Bagby and Tindemans are joined here by four male vocalists.