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Sequentia celebrates its 40th anniversary in March 2017




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Spielmann und Kleriker (ca. 1200)
Breton lai – Latin heroic lai – sequence

LP / later CD (total time 57:30)

Recorded June 1980 in the Zedernsaal of Schloß Kirchheim (D)

Released 1981 as LP by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi in coproduction with WDR Köln and 1988 as digitally remastered CD by EMI (CDC7497042).

Booklet 30 pp.


This is Sequentia’s first recording, released four years after the ensemble was founded and had firmly established its repertoire focus and sound. The ensemble’s co-founders Barbara Thornton and Benjamin Bagby are joined here by Margriet Tindemans (medieval fiddle) and Crawford Young (medieval lute) in an ambitious – and unheard-of at that time – programme consisting of only five large-scale lais (instrumental and vocal), showing their relationship to the sequence form which was the inspiration for the name ‘Sequentia’.

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