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English Songs of the Middle Ages /
Englische Lieder des Mittelalters

LP (total time 59:47)

Recorded June 1987 (re-issued as CD) in the Zedernsaal of Schloß Kirchheim (Germany)

Released 1988 as LP by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi in coproduction with WDR Köln and 1989 as digitally remastered CD (GD77019)

Booklet 31 pp.


This recording features a selection of the earliest extant songs in the English language (very few songs in English have survived in sources before the 14th century), both monophonic and polyphonic, and instrumental pieces. Most of these songs are religious or penitential in nature, but there are also 12th c. songs in honour of Saint Godric, and some of the earliest love-songs known to have survived. Bagby, Thornton and Tindemans are joined by tenor Edmund Brownless.