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Spruchdichtung des 13. Jahrhunderts
Wandering Satirists in Medieval Germany ca. 1250

LP / later CD (total time 59:18)

Recorded November 1982 in the church of Rothfluh/BL (CH)

Released 1983 as LP by Deutsche Harmonia Mundi / Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and 1988 as digitally remastered CD by EMI (CDC7497052)

Booklet 33 pp.


This recording, which was made with a grant from the Siemens Foundation, represents the continuation of a project which began when Bagby & Thornton were students at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Here, joined by Margriet Tindemans and the late David Hart (flute), Sequentia has recorded ‘Spruchdichtung’ (moralistic poems set to music) by Kelin and Fegfeuer, soungs found in a late 13th century manuscript fragment kept in the Basel University Library, and also in the main source: the Jena Liederhandschrift. These songs (and two instrumental pieces), which were heard in southern Germany in the late 13th century, range widely through themes of honour, money, service and truth.